Mrs. Hope C

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Stan, Hello Pal, I hope all is well in Westbrook….I hope things are going well there.  As I e-mailed you earlier Ruth and I took off this week to do some hunting…weather here has been good for hunting  as well as the bucks are starting to break out of their "bachelor groups", tonight all the conditions were right for Ruth…..

We went to our stands about 5:30. Ruth was hunting about 200 yards from me in a tree line along an open ridge that was grown up in "head high" native grasses, about 7:20 she arrowed this buck at 15 yards and minutes later it started to drizzle, really bad news for a blood trail! 

I came out of the woods near dark due to the rain and when I got to the truck she was digging out the lights and told me of her shot…she said that she took a broadside shot on the buck and  he ran across the tall grass field toward the edge of the woods, after she lost sight of him she heard a crash then all was quiet. We returned to her stand and I could find no blood due to the rain so I ask Ruth to walk into the edge of the woods because the tree canopy had not let the rain penetrate yet and she may be able to pick up the trail….

I went back to the truck to get a better light figuring that it may take a while to sort things out and I needed a better light than what I had…..when I returned I heard her yell that she had located him!….a nice eight point…..Lady Luck had smiled upon the Carletons again!…hope you enjoy the pics..

Take care Pal Hope

Editors note….. Didn't take long for us to see that Ruth is a Great Hunter…. and MUCH better looking than Hope !!!

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